Western Breach Video Into Crater Camp


Here is some wonderful footage from recent Kilimanjaro climbers entering into Crater Camp at 18,800 ft prior to their final 2 hours to make it up to the summit. The climbers started at Arrow Glacier Camp.

After two treks up the Western Breach already this year, we have decided to start working on more 9 day treks to Crater Camp, and 8 day Western Breach treks using Moir Hut and doing two days at Lava Tower. While we have been doing the Western Breach trek and Crater Camp for almost two decades, we usually reserve this trek for people with more mountaineering experience and background, but we absolutely love the moment you step inside the Crater and get to see pictures like this. The trick with using Crater Camp is really sleeping at such a high elevation. Crater Camp is more than 18,800 ft above sea level. It’s not a pleasant place to sleep, especially with acclimatization and weather being a major issue. Crater Camp is only for more experienced trekkers and they must be approved by Embark in advance.

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