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A Recent Kilimanjaro Climb Review


A Recent Kilimanjaro Climb Review

I wanted to drop a note to thank you and the entire Embark team for a wonderful experience on our Kilimanjaro trip. As you know, we all summited Uhuru peak successfully, and we had an amazing time from start to finish.

I just sent an email to our contacts at Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to let them know that your entire organization and operation were wonderful, and expressing hope that LLS continues to use Embark as their vendor. I know folks in these types of enterprises often get complaints more than positive feedback, so I wanted to be sure that the decision makers at LLS hear that Embark is a wonderful partner and we were very, very satisfied customers.

Your front-end process and information was super thorough and very helpful. You guys were always quick in responding to our questions and issues. So we felt very comfortable and confident on our journey. Your entire crew in Tanzania were absolutely amazing. Freddie and his team were warm, friendly, and fun to be around. The pick-ups and drop-offs were timely and clean and comfortable. The hotel was excellent.

I have to give the highest praise to our guides, Will and Mark. I can’t stress enough how great they were. Their personalities, while very different, combined so very well. They were clearly highly trained and skilled on the mountain. They were fun and interesting to talk to. And they showed caring and compassion for everybody on the trip as well as the natural resources of the mountain itself. I manage a lot of people in my job, and I think I have a good eye for spotting good leaders and managers, and my assessment of both Will and Mark is that they are excellent managers from an organizational point-of-view, but also amazing leaders. I watched them interact with their team of porters, and it was wonderful to see strong and clear leadership, but with respect and kindness. They seamlessly moved between tending to us and our needs and then to the needs of their crew. The crew was clearly happy and well supported and they responded to Will and Mark’s leadership. When one of the porters (Ernest) was ill, we all noticed the caring, compassion, and quick action taken by Will and Mark to tend to the needs of the sick crew member while simultaneously not missing a beat on leading us on the trail and into camp. We were all so pleased to see that leadership in action. And we were glad to get reports later that Ernest was ok.

I could go on, but I will just leave it at a big thank you to the entire Embark team, and as the senior leaders, know that you have exceptional staff in Tanzania. I will recommend Embark to anybody looking for Kilimanjaro treks or any other adventure travel.

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