Day 3 on your adventure to Machu Picchu

The 15,750 ft high Pass to Machu Picchu




Indeed, when you find yourself at the foot of this beast as you cross the pass at 15,750ft you can understand the draw to this formidable mountain- the tallest in the Vilcabamba range. 

The Incans considered Salkantay Mountain to be one of the main powers that were responsible for weather and fertility in the region. The privilege of encountering this stunning peak is well-earned: with one heck of a false pass (we’re not gonna tell you where, you’ll figure it out… eventually) and over 2,000 elevation gain this mountain pass is the real deal.  We can’t guarantee you’ll meet the coolest group of young herdsmen who will stand on their horses but if you do- tell them we said hi!  At the end of this arduous day (and 2,750ft lower) lies Pampacahuana Camp.  If you’re lucky you’ll glimpse the moonlit view of the mountain and contemplate the fact that, when viewed from Machu Picchu’s main sundial, the Southern Cross is above Salkantay’s summit.  Now that’s not a coincidence and if you’re anything like us, your mind will be blown.

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