One of the camps enroute to Machu Picchu

Pampacuana Camp: Near Salkantay Mountain, Peru


Good Morning Salkantay Mountain! 

Point of clarification: the mountain is actually over 20,000ft, not a mere 19,000ft as indicated by the weirdo in this video who looks like she literally just rolled out of bed (because she did).  One can get used to waking up to this view and the beauty of this route is that it’s all for you- there’s no one within miles as you sip your morning coffee and take in these breathtaking views.  But don’t take our word for it- come see it for yourself.  We’ve found one of the least-travelled valleys in the Limatambo region and you will not be disappointed.  Such untouched, silent, pristine landscape is hard to come by; but there it lies, waiting for you.


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