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Kilimanjaro Guide: Frederick Tarimo


Kilimanjaro Guide: Frederick Tarimo

Frederick Tarimo’s face is a window to his soul. 

It tells you at first glance that he is a good person to the core.  He is gentle, kind, empathetic, and soft-spoken. He’s the one who’s got your back when you’re suffering at 18,000ft, struggling to the top of that mountain.  He will be there for you no matter what, he will go to any length to get you safely to your destination and the entire time, he does it with a smile of reassurance on his face.  His presence is one of calm and security; he is an overall amazingly good human being and we have been so lucky to have him as part of the Embark family and team.

This next year is going to be tough for all our guides due to Covid-19. You can contribute to Fredrick and the rest of our team with our GoFundMe Campaign

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