New fundraising campaign for overseas staff

Support Embark Guides in Tanzania & Nepal – GoFundMe


Support Embark Guides in Tanzania & Nepal – GoFundMe
This week we’re kicking off a fundraising campaign for our Tanzania and Nepal guides and staff overseas.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to be distributed to more than 25+ of them, as many of them face a difficult year of guiding. View GoFundMe Campaign.

Throughout the next few weeks we’ll highlight one or two of our guides each day.  For those who’ve climbed with us before, we hope these profiles and videos will bring back wonderful memories in the mountains and for those who have yet to go- you’ll get a rare chance to virtually meet the people who are going to play an instrumental role in what will be one of the most memorable times of your life.   

Whether your prominent memory is having a dance party with the guides at 15,000 ft or wiping the tears from your eyes as you struggle through a high pass in the Himalayas we all agree that without these amazing humans your trek would have taken an entirely different shape and would not have been the same.

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