Food Cravings While On Trek


Food Cravings While On Trek

We were recently on a 20-mile training hike when at about mile, one of the trekkers started in on food; what he was craving at the moment was a giant pizza down at the village below. 

I couldn’t decided if I loved this game as a welcome distraction to my absolute certainty that my legs were definitely going to shatter to pieces under the weight of my stupid pack or if I might actually kill him.  There was rumor of a cougar on the loose; I could pawn it off that the cougar did it…

We got through what I now refer to as the “death march” and I could not have been happier with my freeze-dried dinner under the stars that night.  The truth is, one of the awesome benefits of a good long hike is that everything tastes sooo much better. Ever had a plain ole’ PB&J after a long hike?  It’s the best!  The Dal Bhat at Gorak Shep (recently coined “the armpit of the Khumbu- by me) was the best of the whole trek!  Our poor friends had the unfortunate experience of the aftermath of MountainHouse Chili-Mac when we were marooned in a whiteout and the four of us were forced to share a 2-person tent.  And, conversely, I had someone recently tell me they’d never had a better granola bar than the homemade one I’d brought on our trek in Guatemala.

We all have food stories from our travels and Embark wants to hear them- tell us your awful, awesome, hilarious, strange, convoluted food cravings and experiences (and NO not the ones from when you got back off your trek and had a 14oz steak and giant glass of Malbec in Buenos Aires)!  

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