Embark Domestic Treks 2021


Embark Domestic Treks 2021

Honestly, if I have to hike my same back yard hike one more time, I think my head is going to pop!

I know every twist and turn, every well-situated bathroom stop, all the good spots to stop for my snack.  Unfortunately, I also know exactly when that butt-kicking uphill (that never quits) is coming (the answer is: all the time… it is literally straight up and I loathe it)…. I … am… so… bored.

Do you need something to look forward to that will get you back in your hiking groove?… Or perhaps you need a training hike for a bigger international adventure you’ve got coming up.  Let’s face it, we’re over the usual hum-drum of pandemic but for many of us, international travel is just not in the cards this summer.

Embark’s got you covered!  We are so excited for our summer domestic treks for 2021!  We will introduce you to the Continental Divide, help you put that coveted “Longs Peak” feather in your cap in the Rockies and take you off the crowded tourist trails in the Tetons of Wyoming.  You can check out the details here:

North America

Come hike with us, the mountains are calling and you must go.

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