Terminal man breaks the 50-flight barrier


If you haven’t been following Wired contributor Brendan Ross‘ masochistic mission to live in airports and planes for a month-long stretch, you are missing out. After 50 flights, Ross finally admits to fatigue.

“I’m really tired. Not tired of the trip, or flying, or anything like that, which surprises me. I fully expected that by this point I’d be fostering an unhealthy animosity towards all things related to aviation, picking fights with ticketing agents and leaving half eaten sandwiches in seatback pockets. But somehow it just hasn’t happened yet.”

It hasn’t been all bad. Ross did get to crash-land a jet airliner, after all. But even taking the time to glance at his Google Maps flight tracker, all domestic, is exhausting. Being a frequent flyer has never looked so tedious and tiring. But still, it’s a bizarrely fun blog to follow, much in the way we have trouble not staring down car crashes as we drive past.

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