I just returned from a two-week Embark trip to the Everest region of Nepal. Having previously trekked with the company in Jordan and to the summit of Kilimanjaro, I had high expectations, and Embark exceeded them in every way.

This was my fourth Nepal trek but my first in that country with Embark. It was easily the most hassle free, well-organized experience I’ve had there. Our Kathmandu city tour guide was interesting and extremely informative (I’d been to places like Boudhanath and Pashupatinath many times before but found myself learning things at every stop this time around that I didn’t previously know). Our guides on the trek itself were Sherpas from the local area, which was a really nice touch that is provided by a lot fewer trekking companies than one might imagine. Throughout our time in the mountains, Embark’s representatives in Kathmandu checked in on us regularly and, when the weather in Lukla grounded all airplane landings at the end of our journey, they arranged helicopter transport back to Kathmandu, ensuring that everyone in our group was able to connect to our various flights back to the states.

Bottom line: Embark is a small and uniquely attentive boutique outfitter that just gets it and offers incredible value for your money. They provide their clients with the extra amenities you really want and need, without ever padding their trips with the sort of pointless over-the-top luxuries that actually end up detracting from an experience and just add cost.

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