Referral Program

Get huge discounts and gift cards

Did you love your Embark trip so much that you want to share the love with your friends and family? This love has not gone unnoticed and we are here to reward and encourage more with our referral program!

Refer Someone:

Know a friend or family member that would love one of our treks? If you refer a person to an Embark trip, we’ll give you a $100 REI gift card or $200 off your next trip as a thank you!

Bring a Group:

Got a whole group in mind for a trip? We have scaled rewards based on how big the group is:

  • If you have five people joining one of our treks (besides yourself), we’ll give you $500 off your trip. 
  • For a group of eight (besides yourself), we’ll knock $1000 off your trip. 
  • If you can get a massive 12 people on an Embark trip, we’ll comp your entire adventure! 

We love it when our clients shout about how much they enjoy their Embark experience, so we want to give back to you!

Learn More About The Embark Loyalty Program

Referral Program Terms & Conditions:

  • Program begins with trips scheduled in 2024
  • This program is not retro-active if you have already booked an adventure in 2024 prior to the announcement
  • The Referral Program, in its entirety (individual and group referrals) only applies to new Embark clients who have not been on an Embark Trip
  • The option “Refer Someone” is only valid if you are not on the trip
  • If you refer someone, there is only one discount per trip
  • The discount or gift card will be sent to the referrer when the group completes their trip 
  • “Refer someone” discounts and offers expire 2 years after completion of their trip
  • Referral program does not apply to wildlife safaris
  • “Bring a Group” discount applies to one invoice and one individual; cannot be divided amongst members of the group.
  • The Referral Program cannot be combined with any other promotional offer
  • Large Group Referrals (12+): 
    • Expenses compensated are those listed in the ‘included’ portion of your itinerary only.  
    • Expenses such as airfare, additional nights in hotels, tips, etc. are not covered/compensated.  
    • Applies to select trips, not all adventures qualify for a free trip.
    • Touch base with Embark for more details. 

Contact [email protected] for more details