New Embark Slow Hiking Community - The Pole-Pole Club

Embrace Being Slow


Embrace Being Slow

Are you the last to get to the rest spot just before everyone else resumes their hike? Are you the one frequently pulling up the rear of the hiking group?  They got a 10 min break, you got 2 minutes. What in the world….?  If all of this sounds all too familiar this new community is for you!  

Introducing Embark’s Slow Hiker Community, officially called the Pole-Pole club. Pole-Pole is Swahili means “slow slow,” and that’s what these trips will be designed for – Slow Hikers.

We have been running hiking adventures around the world for decades and know, first hand, the power and perseverance inside those who might not be the fastest in the group.  Being slow doesn’t stop us from being amazing hikers, climbers, and adventurers!  You know you will make it to your destination, it just might take a bit longer.  And, let’s face it, it can be deflating to feel like you are constantly slowing others down.  You know you’re strong… you’re just… slow.  And what’s so wrong with that?  

The Pole-Pole club is set around the concept of a slow pace- anyone can participate; just know if you come, you’re definitely going to be taking your time. 

Next Steps

  • Join our Slow Hikers Mailing List
  • Tune in for our podcast about slow hiking
  • Watch for our upcoming hikes designed for slow hikers
  • Sign up and hike together, collecting Slow Hiker badges along the way- you know you want one!
  • Prepare for the ultimate culmination of all your hard work – Everest Base Camp or Oaxaca Mexico!

This summer, 2023, Embark will be planning a series of hikes meant for our Slow Hiker community.  Together we will turn the slow hiker connotation on its head- we’re going to Embrace the Slow.  Our hikes will be just as dynamic and engaging as any of our Embark’s adventures but there will be an emphasis on a measured pace, deliberated breaks and more assistance with packing and personal gear management.  We are planning adventures to Canada, the Colorado Rockies, and Oaxaca, Mexico with a culminating epic trek to Everest Base Camp. There will be hikes every year for the Slow Hikers.

The slow hikers concept is a way to really take in your surroundings; for some of us, this will be our only experience in the remote neck of the woods where Embark adventures take place…so why not take our time? Come hike with us!

P.s. The hiking will be slow but don’t dilly dally reserving your spot; there’s a lot of us out there who are super enthused to have found this group and space is limited!



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New Embark Slow Hiking Community

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